Broncos, Seahawks – Superbowl 48 Picks


Tha Football Guru’s Superbowl 48 XLVIII Picks


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Broncos -2.5

Over 47.5

*** PARLAY ***
Broncos -2.5
Over 47.5

If I Don’t Know Nothing Else, I Know Football!

20 thoughts on “Broncos, Seahawks – Superbowl 48 Picks

  1. Good video guru. Congrats on correctly picking the Super Bowl in the pre season. What do you think will be the score for this Super Bowl?

  2. I agree 100% with your picks man!This is Denver’s season, and Peyton Manning will get it.actually i got em last season, but the ravens got in the way, they will get it this season.

  3. Guru, 71,838 – 64,964 = 6874 508 – 491 = 17Guru, those two math sentences separated Peyton Manning from the rest of the NFL. Right now Farve holds the higher number in yards passed and touchdowns thrown in a career. If you think like Meares, that Peyton Manning is going to get on his Bronco and ride off into the sunset after this year without being crowned statistical champion of the 2 aforementioned math equations, you’re nuts! Peyton Manning will lose the superbowl this year, and thus have all the more reason to return and break those records next year. Someone next year will figure out the blueprint in beating the legion of boom, and Denver will back in the hunt with Peyton Manning.My superbowl prediction: Seattle +2.5, but I think Seattle will win straight up as well. Quickly change your pick, and make some money! Do you honestly think Demaryius and Julius Thomas, Eric Decker, Knowshown Moreno and Wes Welker compare to his old support which included the best in the game like Edjerrin James, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne , and Dwight Clark .Throwing the ball gets you to the superbowl, defense and running win the big game.

  4. I have to go with the Seahawks Guru… Hawks defense will stop the broncos offense,they will have a hard time scoring. Hawks will WIN : )) and out score Manning.

  5. We already know what Seattle D and the LOB can do! The million dollar question is whether or not the Seattle Offense can put up enough points to hang with Denver? Rightly so if you look at Seattle’s offensive numbers for the year. BUT you’re right Guru…. Percy Harvin is the X-Factor and I think his dynamic play ability and presence on the field will be the difference maker come Super Bowl Sunday! Harvin will spread the field which will allow Wilson to break off big chunks with his legs and allow Beast Mode to do his thing! Why? Because HE’S ABOUT THAT ACTION BOSS! :) Seattle 24 Donkeys 23. GO HAWKS!

  6. Great intro, Guru…28 minutes…!…let me get myself a beer…good point about high scoring SB’s…OMG the tickets are expensive…what a coincidence about the Manning brothers playing in each others stadiums…I knew that about JJ and Barry Switzer and you’re right about the asterisk… lots of info…I didn’t watch your video until I did mine and I can see we pretty much agree. Epic video, buddy…good luck with the GK’s and let’s take “THE MAN’S” money!

  7. He may have picked Denver and Seattle to get to the superbowl. BUT remembered what happened im ’07? Biggest upset there, and also, he got few picks wrong in the wild card round. You just NEVER know what might halppen. So he may know football, but he’s human and he will get picks wrong. Hopefully Denver loses, hate hearing about Peyton Peyton Peyton as if he’s a goddess to the NFL… lol If Denver loses, they’re gunnu the first team in in the Superbowl era to lose 5 of them! That would be hilarious hahahaha

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