Richard Sherman Did What?!!!!

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

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  • Tha Football Guru

    Richard Sherman did what!!!!!!!!


    Good stuff Guru! I with you on your everything you said homie. People who don’t know Sherman and calls him a “thug” need to take a break and get a life.

  • whitesonful

    Adhominem attacks are never acceptable. Defamation of character is never acceptable. Having control of one’s emotions is acceptable. Not having control of one’s emotions is not acceptable no matter school or prison a person may have come from. I’m ok if somebody wants to whoop it up, just not at the cost of another. Some say the NFL has role models, well, if that’s true then one cannot verbally assault another. Making excuses for weak or poor behavior because one might deem it to be entertaining, doesn’t take away the hurt or damage to the individual or individuals having the wrong done to them.

  • dvdfrnzwbr

    Ultimately these players should be role models that young children aspire and look up to. No excuse for poor sportsmanship on any stage.

  • Jeff Salatino

    Strong work Guru! I’ve been watching the sports networks all week and this is the best breakdown of the Sherman saga yet! Thanks for “getting it!” GO HAWKS!

  • I like Sherman more after that game. I’m still salty that he has let up.

    –I’m the best commenter in the game! @Cat_Chronicles

  • whitesonful

    Calling Crabtree a garbage receiver for all the nation to hear is slander. The statement he made was made to humiliate and hurt at minimum Crabtree. Did Sherman apologize for his overactive bad emotional outburst? Yes, it might be exciting to side with the athletic phenom making and emotional outburst. But, making emotional outbursts are not always good and inspirational. This outburst by Sherman was nothing less than a malicious, false, and defamatory statement said for millions to hear. Nobody is calling Sherman a thug here. That’s a strawman argument made by the Sherman supporters.

  • gioknows

    You know…after all is said and done I’m willing to give Sherman a pass given the emotion of the moment and the “sort of” retractions he made afterwards. Pretty much agree with you, Guru.

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