Championship Round Picks are in, good luck!








Over/UnderCombined First Downs

Combined Total Points

Tha Football GuruFalcons -4Over 60Steelers +6Under 5175108
Erbin WhitfieldPackers +4Under 60Steelers +6Over 5132107
Kristin RusnakPackers +4Over 60Steelers +6Under 5187101
Garrett ButlerPackers +4Under 60Patriots -6Under 5188102
Jeff SalatinoFalcons -4Over 60Steelers +6Under 5141112
Andrew WarrenPackers +4Under 60Patriots -6Under 511724
Terrell HarmonPackers +4Under 60Steelers +6Under 5185105
Daniel MartinezPackers +4Under 60Patriots -6Under 5130100
MoonPackers +4Under 60Patriots -6Under 5188105
Evan StreeterFalcons -4Under 60Steelers +6Under 5110183
Michael DeutshPackers +4Over 60Steelers +6Under 5180127
Stefan RascioPackers +4Over 60Steelers +6Under 518797


  1. If I Don’t Know Nothing Else I Know Football!!!
    The contest came down to myself and Jeff Salatino, with 2 correct and 2 wrong, everyone else had at least 3 wrong.

    For the tiebreaker the Atlanta Falcons had 30 first downs and the Green Bay Packers had 24 for a total of 54 for their game.
    The New England Patriots had 26 first downs and the Pittsburgh Steelers had 22, bringing their game total to 48.
    The Combined Total First Downs were 102. I guessed 75 and Jeff Salatino guessed 32, giving me that tiebreaker.

    For the Total Combined Points Scored, the Falcons had 44 and the Packers had 21 bringing their game total to 65 points.
    The Patriots had 36 and the steelers had 17 bringing their game total to 53 points.
    The Total Combined Points Scored was a total of 118 point for both games. I guessed 108 and Jeff Salatino guessed 107, giving me that tiebreaker as well.

    So since I won the Conference Championship Round of the Playoff Picks Challenge Ill be getting the team Hat and T-Shirt. Jeff Salatino will get a shoutout in the Super Bowl Playoff Picks Challenge video because he did finish 2-2 just like me.

    • I must of messed up on the first down tie breaker? I can’t imagine that I would of inputed 32 total first downs on purpose? Oh well… my bust! Congrats Guru!

  2. Guru – not that it matters but I had inputed 41 total first downs (that number must of been for only one game?). And I had inputed 112 total points. 32 and 107 was Erbin’s tie breakers.

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