NFL 2014 Wildcard ATS Picks


Tha Football Guru’s NFL Wildcard Weekend, Against the Spread, Over Under, Parlay and Teaser Picks


Use the Sportsbook I use to take the mans money

Colts over Chiefs
Eagles over Saints
Bengals over Chargers
49ers over Packers

1. Bengals -7  #TTMM (game analysis
2. Colts -2.5 (game analysis
3. Eagles -2.5 (game analysis
4. Packers +2.5 (game analysis

1. Eagles/Saints Under 53.5..Take The Mans Money Pick #TTMM
2. Colts/Chiefs Under 46.5
3. Bengals/Chargers Over 46.5
4. Packers/49ers Over 48

*** 3 TEAM PARLAY ***
Bengals -7
Eagles/Saints Under 53.5
Colts -2.5

*** 4 Team 10 POINT TEASER ***
Bengals +3
Colts +7.5
Eagles +7.5
Packers +12.5

If I Don’t Know Nothing Else, I Know Football!

47 thoughts on “NFL 2014 Wildcard ATS Picks

  1. I will stop video at 2m15sec shaking my head. Trent Richardson was the best CLE player for them at the time?? Lets see, about 80%+ of the NFL players are more talented than he is for his Madden Rating should be about a 65. He is terrible. They ripped off the Colts by getting a 1st round pick for him which was a good move by the GM. However, to state that Richardson was better than Josh Gordon whom is a top 5-10WR in the NFL is laughable.

  2. I’m listening to these in the order of your ranking, from 4th to 3rd, to 2nd , to your #1 pick. Chaching! I agree with the master on this one. GB + 2.5.

  3. Wow! The Saints were your “Take the man’s money” team several times throughout the year. And now you’re abandoning them like a rotted out tire on a dirt road. I still like Saints +2.5.

  4. Yes, I totally agree with your analysis. The spooky thing is that the point spread was set at 2.5 when it should’ve been at Indy -3 or greater. I believe the linesmakers set the initial line at Indy -2.5 to get people(I did at first) to think that vegas knows something about KC that nobody else does. So, in effect, people start taking KC+2.5 instead of what they know is the truth on the field, that the Colts are better. I believe it’s a lower line set by the linesmakers to get money on KC. Evidence has come out this week already that there is a lot of money flow on KC with the line dropping to Indy -2 and now Indy -1.5. So, the linesmakers did their job. They got fools to fall for the deflated Indy line. But not the football guru, or me. We stand by the facts on the field. I am taking Indy -2.5.

  5. The Chargers are a good bad weather team as of late. The key for Cinci to win is stopping the Chargers run plain and simple. If they don’t its over.

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