NFL 2014 Conference Championship Picks


Tha Football Guru’s NFL Against the Spread, Over Under and Straight Up Picks

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Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots
Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers

Patriots +4.5 (game analysis
Seahawks -3.5 (game analysis

Broncos/Patriots Over 55
Seahawks/49ers Over 39.5

If I Don’t Know Nothing Else, I Know Football!

32 thoughts on “NFL 2014 Conference Championship Picks

  1. Taking Tha Gurus Money. Thanks for the props. Get my jersey ready this week, it may save you some postage, lol. Great Video as usual, and nice EFX at the intro. :)

  2. Denver will destroy New England this time around. Denver has more talent and there is nothing Bellichik can plan that will take down Manning’s success. Denver plays at home and will be much more prepared for the mile high elevation factor. Look for Denver to win by 14 or more!

  3. I thought you was gonna follow your heart and your hate for my beloved Broncos and pick the Patties, but I see you are not going to sway from your preseason prediction and controversial pick of the Broncos and Seahawks going to the Super Bowl. Good stuff Guru.

  4. Great analysis. I truly believe Manning & company are mentally & physically prepared to go all the way. No excuses. The weather is going to be amazing.

  5. I’ll say it , not afraid..the 9ers are going to get slammed , this game is going to show how much better the Seahawks are than the 9ers..keep the hype..but the Seahawks will prove how much better they are.. Seahawks 31- 9ers 13..

  6. We’re on the same page, Guru and I bet between the two of us we personally don’t like who we’re taking in this game…but you bet with your brain not with your wallet…although as a Raiders fan you probably have no love for the Niners.

  7. Well well, a spot on analysis. You broke it down just as it played, bad blood and rivalry, some trouble stopping the run, and then a thrown interception, with Sherman making the game breaker.

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