NFL 2013 Week 16 ATS Picks

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Tha Football Guru’s NFL Against the Spread, Over Under and Straight Up Picks


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Dolphins over Bills
Panthers over Saints
Seahawks over Cardinals
Steelers over Packers
Browns over Jets
Bengals over Vikings
Broncos over Texans
Titans over Jaguars
Lions over Giants
Raiders over Chargers
49ers over Falcons

1. Chiefs -6.5 vs Colts (game analysis
2. Patriots +2.5 vs Ravens (game analysis
3. Washington +2.5 vs Cowboys (game analysis
4. Rams -4.5 vs Buccaneers (game analysis

Washington/Cowboys Over 53.5
Bill/Dolphins Under 42.5
Lions/Giants Over 49
Panthers/Saints Under 46.5

*** 3 TEAM PARLAY ***
Chiefs -6.5
Steelers ML
Bengals ML

*** 4 TEAM 10 POINT TEASER ***
Chiefs +3.5
Patriots +12.5
Washington +12.5
Rams +5.5

If I Don’t Know Nothing Else, I Know Football!

13 thoughts on “NFL 2013 Week 16 ATS Picks

  1. BEFORE I click on any of the surprise links, I’ll just report the side I have before watching your videos. I’ll also report the strength I have in comparison to all 16 games, where 16 would be the most points or strongest pick. TB(4 confidence points), WA (9 confidence points), NE (15 confidence points) , KC(12 confidence points). Ok, now I will go listen to what the football master has to say and report back with my findings.

  2. What happened? Chiefs were up 7-0, and I thought I was doing great. Then disaster hit and the Chiefs couldn’t score anymore.

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