NFL 2013 Week 14 Picks

week 14 cover

Tha Football Guru’s NFL Against the Spread, Over Under and Straight Up Picks


Use the Sportsbook I use to take the mans money

Packers over Falcons
Cowboys over Bears
Patriots over Browns
Texans over Jaguars
Ravens over Vikings
Raiders over Jets
Bengals over Colts
Steelers over Dolphins
Buccaneers over Bills
Broncos over Titans
Cardinals over Rams
Chargers over Giants

1. Chiefs -3
2. Seahawks +3
3. Lions +3
4. Saints -3

Washington/Chiefs Over 44.5
Steelers/Dolphins Under 40.5
Buccaneers/Bills Over 43
Ravens/Vikings Under 42.5

*** 3 TEAM PARLAY ***
Chiefs -3
Seahawks +3
Saints -3

*** 4 TEAM 10 POINT TEASER ***
Chiefs +7
Seahawks +13
Lions +13
Saints +7

If I Don’t Know Nothing Else, I Know Football!

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  • Stephen Coleman

    I love the Lions. I believe they have enough talent to win the Super Bowl. But this team is #1 in mental mistakes that drive me insane. You’re a brave man with that pick and I’ll bet your parlay like I do every week (+ teaser). Thanks for the awesome video. Thumbs up.

  • gioknows

    I thought Tressman made a great call lol…watching Alabama lose because of Saban was great…good luck with the picks, Guru.

  • whitesonful

    Washington is a broken unit. However, misery enjoys company. Shanahan wants to spoil Andy Reid’s first year in KC. Shanahan will bring Reid and his Chiefs back to earth in a spoiler role. What better way to show Andy Reid why he got his ass kicked out of the NFC EAST than by handing him an unpopular 4th straight loss. It’s not about winning, it’s about the enjoyment of watching someone else with expectations fall right in front of you on your home turf. Is this the big prize, Washington wanted all year? No, but revenge is sweet! Sorry your #1 pick will get blown up this week, guru.

  • Arnold Glass II

    Even though your a Raider fan, the fact that you hate Bama is alright with me. Lol! Good picks bro and good luck.

  • Arnold Glass II

    Week 14 Picks Against The Spread

  • whitesonful

    Record update:NO -3 WIN DT -3 LOSS, ST +3 WIN, KC -3 WIN3-1 ATS =75% which is above any expert’s expectations. Good picks!

  • Hi When are you posting the picks for week 15?

  • Mick4347

    Panthers over jets?

  • whitesonful

    Hey, hey, time to get out of bed and make your week 15 video!

  • whitesonful

    Alright, Guru, Maybe you can just get a jump start on week 16. Don’t procrastinate!

  • whitesonful

    Hey Football Guru, you’re the only one that doesn’t have your Week 16 picks up yet.

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