NFL 2013 Week 13 ATS Picks


Tha Football Guru’s NFL Against the Spread, Over Under and Straight Up Picks


Use the Sportsbook I use to take the mans money

*** Straight Up Picks ***
titans over colts
jag over browns
panthers over buccaneers
vikings over bears
49ers over rams
patriots over texans
chargers over bengals
giants over washington

1. Jets -2 (take the mans money pick)
2. Buffalo -3
3. Cardinals +3
4. Broncos -5
5. Saints +5

*** 3 TEAM PARLAY ***
Buffalo -3
Cardinals +3

*** 10 POINT TEASER ***
Saints +15
Cardinals +13
Broncos +5
Jets +8

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  • Tha Football Guru

    Sorry guys but here are your winners for week 13!

  • whitesonful

    It’s never too late to put out winners.

  • Stephen Coleman

    Finally 🙂

  • gioknows

    Love the picks Guru…looks like we’re on the same side of a lot of games. Good luck this week.

  • cbtmclub

    You spelled “Spread” wrong in your title mr guru.

  • Arnold Glass II

    Sorry guys but here are your winners for week 13!

  • Fortynine Sense

    Refs are making picks crazy this season it’s like strategy don’t matter lol

  • whitesonful

    Top four picks: DN-6 WIN, AZ+3 PUSH, BF-3LOSS, NYJ -2 LOSSOverall 1win-2losses-1pushNot as bad as it looks. You could’ve had Arizona +3.5 if you made the pick earlier in the week. That cost you the break even point with your best picks. This is week 13, next week is week 14 and there are now many “irrelevant games”. These are games where coaches are trying different players, game plans, etc, because the playoffs are no longer a reality. I think normally, the good looking team wins these. Buffalo being the case this week. The Jets I don’t have an explanation as to why they got so dominated. The problem is, now that we’re all down on them, they’ll come back next week and probably win an ugly pointspread just to really put the screws to the picker. So, all in all, it wasn’t that bad.

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