Divisional Round Playoffs ATS Picks

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Tha Football Guru’s NFL Against the Spread, Over Under and Straight Up Picks

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Seahawks -8
Patriots -7.5
Broncos -10
Panthers +1.5

*** OVER/UNDER ***
Seahawks/Saints Under 47.5 – TAKE THE MANS MONEY PICK
Panthers/49ers Under 43
Broncos/Chargers Over 54.5
Patriots/Colts Over 52.5

*** 3 Team Parlay ***
Seahawks/Saints Under47.5
Patriots ML
Broncos ML

*** 4 Team 10 Point Teaser ***
Seahawks/Saints Under 57.5
Broncos – Even
Panthers +11.5
Patriots +2.5

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  • Tha Football Guru

    Divisional Round ATS Picks are in the books. Get my #TTMM Take The Mans Money Pick!

  • whitesonful

    Why you going against your main money shaker , the Saints , again? Agree with you on Luck won’t get lucky this week. Carolina is the new kid on the block and will put Vernon Davis back on the IR. This time Vernon will have the whole off season to rest up. San Fran’s time has come and gone and will be out physicalled by the younger, tougher Panther club. And yes, Peyton Manning is the one and only Lord of football, who will never succumb to the peons called the Chargers.So, just change your Seattle pick, and you’re good to go!


    You had me for a sec bro…..thought you was going to jump off the bridge there (like Brandon did); I knew you wasn’t going to let your hate for my beloved Broncos to keep you from making the SMART pick. Lol! Good vid.

  • SymbolicSportsaholic

    I think your picks will do much better this week TFG. Awesome video, and good luck to everyone in the picks challenge 🙂

  • gioknows

    Last week was pretty weird wasn’t it…good luck with the picks, we differed on the Colts/Patriots ATS and Chargers/Broncos ATS but I think we’re in accord with the Over/Unders.

  • Geno Bisconte

    WOW @ThaFootballGuru! We agree on everything except the #SDvsDEN game… and i know you always bounce back with a big week… Feeling good #BoltUp

  • dvdfrnzwbr

    The road teams are hungry! FEED THE NEED! Expect many holding the bowl – utensil to the mouth endzone dances!

  • Tha Football Guru

    My Divisional Round Picks

  • Tha Football Guru

    My Divisional Picks

  • Tha Football Guru

    My Divisional Picks

  • Tha Football Guru

    My Divisional Picks

  • Rikki Steel

    SUBBED!! :))

  • dvdfrnzwbr

    Guru, your email for the prize contest is posting a tie in the results. The closing point spread for NO vs. Sea was: 1/11 4:35 ET At Seattle -9 New Orleans

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